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Register for your Voice Drops account


  • A Voice Drops Account is required in order to claim this bonus. If you do not have a Voice Drops account you can activate an account for $1 here ($197/month billing will commence in 14 days):

    Political Drops are credits for the fulfillment for an existing Candidate client

    These credits will be applied to a SUB ACCOUNT of an existing Voice Drops Account.

    You must create a sub account for your new/existing automotive client in your Voice Drops account prior to claiming this bonus. If you do not know how to create a sub account please follow this instructional video: SUB ACCOUNTS

Due to the special nationwide legal allowances for Political Drops, these Bonus Credits will not be applied to your primary account and can only be used to deliver a political message for your candidate client. All messages for political drops will be reviewed by our fulfillment team to ensure compliance.

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